Aboriginal Doll House - Families On Country

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Currently on sale you will receive 1 FREE set of peg dolls when purchasing a house (valued at $60)
This design features families and gathering on country
Postage is $25 Australia Wide and you can combine up to 2 doll houses in this style for the same $25 plus add a few other smaller items onto the order.
Additional houses will be calculated at a further $25.
If purchasing for day care in bulk you should be able to order up to 4 houses plus some additional items and shipping will calculate at $50+. 
please email me at barkaarts@hotmail.com if you have any ordering issues.
House will come fully assembled.
There is currently a quicker turnaround for these houses as I am pre making them to clear stock.
Please keep an eye out on my socials or feel free to message my Facebook or email barkaarts@hotmail.com if you wish to discuss waiting periods further.
Invoices can be sent via email on request at barkaarts@hotmail.com
Need Inspo? Create small world play areas or cultural displays with my Wooden Aboriginal Peg Dolls, lay some soil, grass, leaves and branches etc on a little tray table and create a little world so children can play and learn.
All of my dolls and houses fit into the EYLF:
1: Identity- Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities
2: Connect & Contribute- Multicultural dolls allow children to respond to diversity with respect
3: Wellbeing- Supporting Indigenous children’s social and emotional wellbeing by providing dolls they can personally resonate with
4: Learning- Children are learning about our very important cultural history in a play based, age appropriate learning environment and including Indigenous lives apart of our every day play experiences
5: Communication- A wonderful way to extend on cultural learning, involving children in open discussions and the opportunity to extend children’s learning and thinking with a more wholistic natural approach