4. Aboriginal Baby Dolls (Anatomically Correct)

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Aboriginal Designed Baby Dolls!
Anatomically corrected means these dolls have the correct gender private parts for the boy & girl dolls.
Currently on sale! Price listed is per doll.
Clothing made and dolls painted with inspiration from Aboriginal dance, ceremony & tradition.
When I have done Aboriginal dancing the women/girls wore a range of dresses and skirts and the men/boys wore the traditional lap lap.
The paint represents ochre and being connected to our sacred land and Mother Earth.
Ochre is type of rock clay used by Indigenous people for thousands of years. Ochre is grounded down to a paste, used for art in caves, on artefacts, weapons, painted on men and women for ceremony and for other purposes and is still used and sacred to Aboriginal people today.
Paint markings and clothing or colours may vary when ordering depending on availability of fabrics and individuality of dolls.
Please allow 1-3 weeks on this item. Possibly longer if purchasing in bulk for your day care.
All of my dolls and houses fit into the EYLF:
1: Identity- Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities
2: Connect & Contribute- Multicultural dolls allow children to respond to diversity with respect
3: Wellbeing- Supporting Indigenous children’s social and emotional wellbeing by providing dolls they can personally resonate with
4: Learning- Children are learning about our very important cultural history in a play based, age appropriate learning environment and including Indigenous lives apart of our every day play experiences
5: Communication- A wonderful way to extend on cultural learning, involving children in open discussions and the opportunity to extend children’s learning and thinking with a more wholistic natural approach