8. Aboriginal Symbol Story Stones

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Aboriginal Symbol Story Stones!
12 stones painted with different Indigenous Symbols with all different meanings, laminated symbol learning sheet also included.
Stones are carefully wrapped individually in tissue paper and then packed into fabric drawstring bags and packed further in bubble wrap and boxed to ship.
Stones are individual and subject to my availability so may come in different shapes, sizes, colours, types and look different to the stock photos.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Please handle with care and store flat and upright and re- bag & re- wrap stones in tissue paper or similar when storing away. Do not bang together or drop stones to avoid any paint peeling or cracking. Stones have numerous coats to ensure quality. Quality acrylic non toxic paints, and sealed to last longer.
Stones may chip or fade over time as this is normal with children playing these items.
Please allow 1-3 weeks on this item. Or a little longer if purchasing in bulk or part of a larger order. Delivery times may vary depending on availability of stock as I continually try to create and build stock.
However smaller single items like these I try and send out within 1-2 weeks.
Thank you for your patience and you may message me on my Facebook or Instagram or email barkaarts@hotmail.com if you wish to discuss waiting times or current stock availability further.
Need Inspo? Fill a tray with sand, sticks and Aboriginal Symbol Stones. Use sticks to draw in the sand and learn the meanings of Indigenous Symbols that have been used for thousands of years in traditional Indigeous paintings and carvings. Use the stones as a learning guide and draw on paper and create your own stories using symbols. Pair with some dolls. So many options!