9. Torres Strait Islander Peg Dolls - TSI

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Indigenous Peg Dolls are one of my most popular items!

Peg Doll Options: Symbol, Red, Earth, Torres Strait Islander, Blue & more to come. (see shop)

Torres Strait Islander Dolls are in brightly and beautiful coloured dresses and traditional mens grass skirts with flowers grown on the Islands, flower bands and Men's headdress called a 'Dhari'.

I also offer wholesale if you are looking to stock my items- please message my social media platforms or email barkaarts@hotmail.com
These items are handmade. Paint marking or colours may differ slightly to stock photos.
Need Inspo? Create small world play areas or cultural displays with my Wooden Indigenous Peg Dolls, lay some soil, grass, leaves and branches etc on a little tray table and create a little world so children can play and learn.
Or for yourself or a special someone to simply display at home or work.

Are you an Early Childhood Educator? So am I!

All of my dolls fit into the EYLF:

1: Identity- Children develop knowledgeable and confident self identities

2: Connect & Contribute- Multicultural dolls allow children to respond to diversity with respect

3: Wellbeing- Supporting Indigenous children’s social and emotional wellbeing by providing dolls they can personally resonate with

4: Learning- Children are learning about our very important cultural history in a play based, age appropriate learning environment and including Indigenous lives apart of our every day play experiences

5: Communication- A wonderful way to extend on cultural learning, involving children in open discussions and the opportunity to extend children’s learning and thinking with a more wholistic natural approach